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      The   March 2024 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)   results, including the list of passers, topnotchers, and performance of schools, are expected to be released by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) on or before May 24, 2024. Summary of Results: All Data Loading Please Standby...... Refresh this Page..... Main Page:  List of Passers: March 2024 LET – Secondary Level Main Page:  List of Passers: March 2024 LET – Elementary Level Secondary Passers:   A-B  |  C-D  |  E-F  |  G-H  |  I-J  |  K-L  |  M-N  |  O-P  |  Q-R  |  S-T  |  U-V  |  W-X  |  Y-Z Elementary Passers:   A-B  |  C-D  |  E-F  |  G-H  |  I-J  |  K-L  |  M-N  |  O-P  |  Q-R  |  S-T  |  U-V  |  W-X  |  Y-Z Topnotchers:  March 2024 LET – Top 10 Passers (Secondary Level) Topnotchers:  March 2024 LET – Top 10 Passers (Elementary Level) Performance of Schools:   March 2024 LET (Elementary & Secondary) This year’s 1st  Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)  was conducted on March 17, 2024 at the foll


 DSWD PAYOUTS SCHEDULE FEBRUARY 2024 Hanapin ang Pangalan mo Dito: Casandra Escala, MfSrlg Mhell Hallera, Satornena Bayo Oclarit, Delarama Amel, Melanie Castillano, Lily Calugay, Maricel Dalisay, Hazel Jane Bagares, Josephine P. Torio, Rowena Mondero, Lynlyn Suco Ugdal, Luz Simbulan, Manuel V Pangalinan, Clemincia Hermino, Jean M. Villarmia, Santha Armas Sanchez, Jenrose Nonato, Marcelina Itgano, Angelle Mahinay, Isidro Maguad, Jane Fontanilla, Cellita Pepe Palisoc, Florina Carriedo, Ann Berdol, Lychee Ice, Frechille Tambalque, Maryrose Panzuelo, Jean Dalama, Jennyrose Gilbaliga, Jhonbert Young, Jenny vlog, Rodelyn Jaudian, Bindol Daina, Geralyn B. Alcunera, Kristine Calvadores Sargado, Analyn Colendres, Majemikela Rosellosa, Roel Gan, Robert Angelina, Amalia Soriano, Aurefe Jumamoy Centillas Tumampos, Jhenjhen Almen, Glory Bell Evangelio, Margie Saal Cassion Salikwet, Fam T Alargui, Ajar Jraa, Myla Comiso, Dean P. Dulay, Judith Dela Pena, Precy Valdez, Eiza Geraldez, Esther Matutina M


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