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      The   March 2024 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)   results, including the list of passers, topnotchers, and performance of schools, are expected to be released by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) on or before May 24, 2024. Summary of Results: All Data Loading Please Standby...... Refresh this Page..... Main Page:  List of Passers: March 2024 LET – Secondary Level Main Page:  List of Passers: March 2024 LET – Elementary Level Secondary Passers:   A-B  |  C-D  |  E-F  |  G-H  |  I-J  |  K-L  |  M-N  |  O-P  |  Q-R  |  S-T  |  U-V  |  W-X  |  Y-Z Elementary Passers:   A-B  |  C-D  |  E-F  |  G-H  |  I-J  |  K-L  |  M-N  |  O-P  |  Q-R  |  S-T  |  U-V  |  W-X  |  Y-Z Topnotchers:  March 2024 LET – Top 10 Passers (Secondary Level) Topnotchers:  March 2024 LET – Top 10 Passers (Elementary Level) Performance of Schools:   March 2024 LET (Elementary & Secondary) This year’s 1st  Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)  was conducted on March 17, 2024 at the foll




1.    A person in a dark room looking through a window can clearly see a person outside in the daylight. But a person outside cannot see the person inside. Why does this happen?

A.   There is not enough light being reflected off the person in room.

B.    Sunlight is not as intense as the other sources of light.

C.    Light ray cannot pass through the window twice.

D.   Outside light does not pass through window.


2.    Since the family is the basic unit in democracy, home economics education needs to be based upon           .


A.    Cooperation as individual and in group.

B.    Democratic principle.

C.   Many cultures of families and democracies.

D.   Sharing and cooperation.


3.    Matter exists in the form of units which can be classified in hierarchies or organizational level. Which of the following units shows a correct hierarchical organization?


A.    Solids- liquids-gases-plasma

B.   Cell- tissue- organ- system- organism

C.   Atom- molecule- element- compound- mixture

D.   Protons- neutrons- electrons- ions


4.    Which of the following statements best explains recruitment?


A.    It is the process of ensuring that competent people are available.

B.    It is a process of obtaining qualified applicants for promotion.

C.   It is a process of hiring and firing.

D.   It is the process of obtaining qualified applicants for a job.


5.    What is the reason why the staff wages for the retailer and wholesaler are NOT considered as the direct cost?

A.    Because one person generally sells many different products.

B.   Because staff wages are taken from the income of the company

C.   Because cost is not linked to the acquisition of raw materials.

D.   Because the direct costs have to be attributed proportionally.


6.    Happiness different from pleasure in being an abiding consequence or result which is not destroyed even by the presence of pain. The illustration from this principle is            .

A.    A jackpot winner collecting his price.

B.    Engaged couple getting married.

C.   Mother giving birth

D.   Student topping the board examination.


7.    Which of the following is another illustration of happiness?

A.    A family looking at their crops ready for harvest.

B.    A family dining at a 5-star hotel.

C.   A family on their way to a vacation holiday.

D.   A family admiring their newly bought car


8.    Students after a long summer vacation hardly return to usual study habits. This situation is a post-vacation carry over. It takes two to three weeks to be in such situation. What post- vacation theory is advanced?

A.    Post-vacation should be extended by 4 weeks.

B.    Vacation is worth doing.

C.   Pre-vacation plans are necessary.

D.   Post vacation habits should be ignored.


9.    As head of the family the father is the principal bread winner. What does it mean?


A.    His earning determines the economic condition of the family

B.    It is his duty to give to give economic support to his family.

C.   He is responsible to support the wife and children.

D.   He should manage the family budget.


10.   Which of the following is one of the positive values developed as one learns handicrafts?


A.    Enriched vocabulary in handicrafts.

B.    Enhanced self-esteem and well-worth.

C.   Adeptness in eye-hand coordination.

D.   Exposure to handicrafts principles.



11.  Regardless of modernization and generation gaps adolescents should give priority to this value.

A.    Love and respect to parents.

B.    Optimism in life.

C.   Involvement in extra-curricular activities.

D.   Friendship will others.

12.   One of the following steps is not included in determining the proper height of working spaces.


A.    Ask him to place his arms closing to hi body and bend his arm at the elbow.

B.    Let a person get a chair and let him sit down

C.   Let a person who would use it stand

D.   The distance from the floor to the elbow minus two inches is the proper height of working.

13.  Pre-school children always watch the body language of the teachers. This means           .

A.    Communication is best movement and gestures.

B.   Communication is best by words.

C.   Communication is best by the tone of voice.

D.   Communication is best by group of discussions.


14.   In what situation is necessary to give a ring to the parents of a drowning boy.


A.   To ask a classmate to join the party.

B.    To invite the teacher to a picnic.

C.   To inform his mother of the accident.

D.   To tell friend to come later.


15.   Pulmonary tuberculosis has affected 90% of the Filipinos. How is this disease transmitted?


A.    Using dishes of active TB patient.

B.     Coughing with uncovered mouth

C.   TB patient allowed to work with others.

D.   Sleeping with children.


16.  The yearly occurrence of red tide casualties are traced to a seaweed with poison because of


A.    Careless disposal of water.

B.    Oil spill from water vessels.

C.   Heavy rain and dry season.

D.   Organic fertilizer


17.  Experiments and techniques in food production are usually found in some school. The most extensive ones are in         .

A.    University of the Philippines

B.    Don Mariano Marcos University

C.   University of the East

D.   University of Santo Tomas.




18.  Farmers are all enthusiastic in the campaign for “Gintong Ani” for mangoes. Which practice is harmful to the environment?

A.    Encouraging insects to do pollination.

B.   Spraying the trees with herbicides and pesticides.

C.   Using organic fertilizer every six months.

D.   Using asexual propagation of mangoes.

19.  A child in the mountain ranges are diagnosed as suffering from goiter. Determine the cause of such disease.

A.   Lack of iodine in food

B.     Excess of iodine in diet

C.   Excess of vitamins in diet

D.   Lack of iron in diet


20.  A boy got tire of getting up early to join the family prayer. He decided to change his religion. Cite the right he wanted exercised.

A.     Right to due process

B.   Right for free worship

C.   Right to change worship as provided by its bible

D.   Right to abide byt family rules


21.   The MRT commuters increased in number after the public                 .


A.    Realized the fare to be reasonable

B.    Appreciate the full speed.

C.   Found the couches limited in capacity.

D.   Reached their destination with full certainty.


22.   One approach to lessen vehicular air pollution is:


A.    Utilizing the MRT and LRT.

B.    Ban diesel using cars on the highway.

C.   Ask pedestrians to use bicycle.

D.   Revenue twenty or more-year-old vehicles in the street.





23.  Rural health center conduct home visitation. Babies vaccinate early to avoid pulmonary tuberculosis. However, what is the WHO findings?


A.   Most children suffer from pulmonary complex.

B.     Babies are immune from TB.

C.     Most fathers spit blood and infect babies.

D.   Most sick with TB transmit their disease by breast feeding.


24.  There is a non- government program that extends assistance to children who needs hospitalization and treatment. What is this non-government project?


A.    Tahanang Walang Hagdan

B.    Fathers Angelo`s Home

C.   Bantay Bata Project

D.   Welfareville


25.   Which antidote would have a similar effect if vinegar and citrus juice were not available?


A.    Raw egg white

B.     Water

C.   Vegetable oil

D.   Milk


26.   Which of the following human activities reduces the level of ozone in the atmosphere?

A. Using large banks of solar cells for energy production

B.  Using artificial lighting in scientific polar station

C.  Releasing of fluorocarbons from aerosol cans

D.  Destroying large areas of the equatorial rain forests


27.    If two variables X and Y are directly relate, which of these is NOT true?


A.  When X is low, Y is also low.

B.  As X increase, Y also increase

C.  When X increase, Y decrease

D. A high Y is associated with a high X


28.   What is the most significant cause of dwindling biodiversity?


A.  large plant consumption             C. destruction of habitat

B.  global warming                               D. depletion of ozone layer


29.  The existence of extraterrestrial life may never be proven, but this idea will become more scientifically acceptable over time if       .

A.  alternative hypotheses are proposed and confirmed

B.  hypotheses are made related to the idea

C.  no one disputes this idea in a scientific forum

D.  increasing scientific evidence supports the idea



30.   Leaves are green in sunlight because                   .


A. they absorb the green light

B.  their tints bounce off

C.  they absorb the blue and yellow object and yellow light

D.  they reflect green light


31.   Which of the following is TRUE about light and seeing?


A.  Light enters the eyes enabling people to see objects.

B. Light goes out from eyes, hits an object, and then returns to the eyes.

C.  Light rays coming from an object meets light coming from a light source and then enters the eyes.

D.  Light hits an object, bounces, and then enters the eyes.


32.    A tray filled with ice was left on a table. After one hour, it was observed that some of the ice had changed to liquid. Which of the following is TRUE about the temperature of the water is higher than the temperature of the ice?

I.  The temperature of the ice did not change.

II.  The temperature of the ice became higher.

III.  The temperature of water is higher than the temperature of the ice.


A.  II only                                  C. III only

B.  I and III                                D. I only


33.   A stainless steel spoon feels colder than a plastic spoon because stainless steel


A.  absorbs less heat from the hand than plastic does

B.  is really colder than plastic

C.  has a lower temperature than plastic?

D.  conducts heat away from the hand faster than plastic does



34.   The principle under which the thermostat operates is the same when;


A.    A chemical reaction occurs when two substances combine.

B.    A gas expands to fill the container in which it is held.

C.   The level of the mercury rises or in a glass tube.

D.   A pendulum swings when it is set into motion.


35.  In which kingdom should MOLD be classified


A.    Plantae

B.    Protista

C.   Animalia

D.   Fungi

36.  Which of the following should you expect to true about the rate of cellular respiration for a group of students who are the same age, height, and weight

A.   Boys would have a higher rate of cellular respiration than girls.

B.    Athletes would tend to have higher cellular respiration than non-athletes.

C.   Non-athletes would have higher rates of cellular respiration than athletes.

D.   African would have a higher rate of cellular respiration than Asians.


37.  Our commitments can develop us or they can destroy us, but either way, they will define us. Choose the line below that has the same meaning.

A.    Half- hearted commitment is what we need today.

B.    Our commitments need not be planned way ahead.

C.   We must make full commitment to worldly goals.

D.   Our lives are shaped by what we are committed to.


38.  Workers in the service sector should be trained to act as                   as possible.


A.   Courteously

B.    Covertly

C.   Curtly

D.   Rudely


39.  Our guest of honor was a loquacious speaker. This means he is                     .


A.   Verbose

B.    Reserved

C.   Reticent

D.   Tacitum


40.  Which theory emphasizes that the period of adolescence is one that has the greatest importance in the development of the adult personality.

A.    Psycho-social

B.    Humanistic

C.   Confluent

D.   Psycho-Analytic


41.        The astronaut cold not communicate with one another while on the moon`s surface? Why


A.    There is no weather that occurs

B.    Air waves are irregular.

C.   There is no atmosphere

D.   Temperature shots down sound.


42.  Material culture refers to the tangible and concrete objects produce by man. Which are examples of material culture?

A.  Ceremony of tartans

B.  Morriones festivals

C.  Sinulog celebration

D.  Stone walls of Tasadays


43.  Which explain why work is done when blowing a balloon?


A.  The balloon has potential energy which is change to a kinetic energy.

B.  The force of gravity ton the balloon increases.

C.  The balloon moves outwards as the blowing force is exerted on it.

D.  The balloon is filled with air which has weight and occupies space.


44.  Which of the following physical changes involve adding heat to a substance?


A.  Evaporating and condensing

B.  Boiling and condensing

C.  Condensing and freezing

D.  Melting and boiling


45.  A radio with a strong electromagnetic would NOT be placed near the navigation instruments on a plane or ship because         .

A.  The radio wouldn`t work because of electrical interference.

B.  The radio would draw too much electrical energy.

C.  The accuracy of the compass would effect by the magnetic field by radio electromagnet.

D.  None of the above.


46.  In plant cells, chloroplasts are active in the chemical processes required to make food. Animal cells have no chloroplasts. Based on this, we can conclude that      .

A.    Animals cells are more complex than plant cells.

B.    Plants cells are more complex than animal cells.

C.   Animals must obtain food from outside sources.

D.   None of the above.


47.  Why does water boil at a lower temperature on a mountain than at sea level?


A.    The temperature of the sea as we go higher.

B.    The atmospheric pressure is higher as we go higher

C.   The temperature of the air falls as we go higher.

D.   The atmospheric pressure is lower as we go higher.


48.  Why do farmers and gardeners often treat the sol with ammonium sulfate?


A.    It increases the oxygen content of the soil.

B.   It increases the nitrogen level of the soil.

C.   It reduces the acidity of the soil.

D.   It acts as pesticide.


49.  Which statement is guaranteed by the Civil Code of the Philippines? Both are given a freedom to choose their occupation.

A.    The husband has the right to object to the occupation of the wife.

B.    The wife is also had the right to object to the occupation the husband.

C.   Both husband and wife are co-equal.


50.  Which metal is used to make container for soft drinks?


A.   Aluminum

B.    Copper

C.   Lead

D.   Silver


51.  Which of the following organic acid occurring in low concentrations is essential to humans but is highly dangerous when humans are exposed to highly concentrations to it?

A.    Citric acid found in citrus fruits.

B.    Folic acid, a form of vitamin B used to treat anemia.

C.   Hydrochloric acid found in the stomach`s gastric juices.

D.   Lactic acid found in milk products.

52.  Which of these drug are addictive, leading to withdrawal symptoms, when their use is discontinue.

                1.              Alcohol    2. Aspirin     3. Heroin     4. Nicotine    5. Penicillin 



A.                                                A. 2,4, and 5  B. 4 only  C.   1 and 2 only  D.   1,3, and 4


53.  A meter stick was cut into two pieces at the 64 cm mark? What is the ratio of the smaller. piece to the larger piece?

A. 16:25

B. 13:50

C.    9:25

D.    9:16


54.  If a positive number is increased by 70 percent, and then the result is decreased by 50 percent, which of the following accurately describes the net change?

A.   15% decrease

B.     20% increase

C.     12% increase

D.     20% decrease


55.  Find in feet, the amount of framing needed to frame a picture 8 ½ inches by 11 inches?


A.   5 ¼ ft       B. 3 ¼ ft       C. 4 ¼ ft       D. 2 ¼ ft


56.  What percent of P340.00 is P30.60?


A. 7%           B. 6%           C. 8%           D. 9%


57.  A square has the area of 400 sq. cm. What ia its perimeter?


A.  80 cm        B. 40 cm.     C. 20 cm       D. 100 cm


58.   What are the next three numbers in the sequence? 1/6, 1/3, 1/2,, 2/3               .

A. 5/6, 1, 7/6                       C. 5/6, 2/6, 7/3

B. 5/2, 7,5/4                        D. 7/3, 4, 9/3


59.  When replaces number in the cell               .


A.    Use the custom format

B.    Return to the general format

C.   Indicate a formula error

D.   Increase column width


60.  The school cafeteria raised the price of a plate of rice from P8 to P10. If the same of increase was applied to a regular order of viand which used to cost P20, how much does an order of viand cost?

A. P 25          B.  P 22          C. P26          D. P 24


61.  Which is the equivalent of common fraction of the repeating decimal 5.818181……?


A. 67/11         B. 64/11         C. 66/11       D. 65/11


62. If a farmer would want assistance like pricing, guarantee for all agricultural produce or cooperative management training, where would he go?

A.   Special Agrarian Court under the Regional Trial Court.

B.   Support service of the Department of Agrarian Reform

C.   DAR adjudication board

D.   Land Bank


63.  Which of the following is imposed a final tax of ten percent (105)?


A.   Currency bank deposit

B.   Royalties

C.   PCSO and lotto winning

D.   Books, library works & musical composition


64.  Which of the following refers to an attractive investment idea or proposition that provides the possibility of a return for the person taking the risk?

A.   Business opportunity

B.    Capital

C.   Competition

D.   Demand


65.  When does the need for sales promotion become indispensable?


A.   When the producer wants to make product popular in the market.

B.    When one takes into account the sales volume of the products.

C.   When the customer satisfaction is of the prime importance.

D.   When there is a great demand in the product.


66.  How do you define a competitor to a business?


A.    A person who leads and command a business.

B.    A rival of an entrepreneur to his/her venture.

C.   A personal enemy of an entrepreneur.

D.   A business who is innovated


67.  In order to use an on-line database service, which of the following are needed?


A.     Computer, tele-computing software, printer.

B.   Computer, phone line, printer, CD-ROME drive.

C.   Phone line, tele-computing software, modern computer.

D.   Tele-computing software, phone line, modern computer.


68.  What does an owner`s drawing or personal account include?


A.    The allowance given to the owner.

B.    The capital distributions of the owner made at the inception of the business.

C.   The personal property of the owner.

D.   The withdrawal of capital by the owner end of the period of the profits of the business.


69.  Why is the Price Tag Law important?


A.    To show that the product is of high quality.

B.    To show the price and ask for more discount.

C.   To show the price and attract buyers.

D.   To discourage & minimize price haggling.


70.  Which question falls under the Literal Comprehension Level?


A.    What are the advantages and disadvantages of being tall and short?

B.    Do you agree with the hose when it said that it is the best to be what you are?

C.   In the story, who is short?

D.   Why is it good to be short?


71.  The line from the Koran, “Woe to every backbiter,” talks of                   .


A.    Punishment for those who say good things.

B.   Misery for those who talks ill of others.

C.   Sorrow for those who oppose other`s opinion.

D.   Anguish for those who depend.


72.  Which statement on Alcoholics Anonymous is COORECT?


A.    It is an association of alcoholics who remain unknown to each other.

B.   It helps alcoholics to avoid alcohol use and rebuilt their lives.

C.   It is a group of businessmen bent on stopping the manufacture of alcohol drinks.

D.   It is a group of alcoholic parents who has made it its mission to help alcoholic parents.




73.  Our opposition to divorce could be an influence of the                 .


A.    Protestant religion introduced by the Americans.

B.   Roman Catholic religion introduced by the Spaniards.

C.   American constitution.

D.   Educational system of the Spaniards.


74.  Why is the Filipino trait of pakikisama said to be ambivalent?


A.    It makes people show their concern for others.

B.   It can be used for or against the person who values it.

C.   It encourages the people to do wrong.

D.   It helps the person develop good values.


75.  The point in the earth`s orbit when the earth is farthest from the sun is called               .

A.    Perihelion

B.   Aphelion

C.   Parallux

D.    Perigee


76.  The force required to maintain an object at a constant speed in free space is equal to             .


A.    Mass of the object

B.   Zero

C.   Weight of the object

D.   Force required to stop it


77.  What is the smallest positive integer that has 6, 8,and 10 as a factor?


A. 240           B. 120           C. 300             D. 80


78.  Rupert is 10 years older than his sister. If Rupert was 25 years of age in 1983, in what year could he had been born?

A. 1963      B. 1953           C. 1958           D. 1948



79.  What number is next in this sequence? 11120, 11260, 11420, 11600.


A. 11820    B. 11800         C. 11769         D. 11720



80.   How many glasses of soda each to be filled with 150 cu. Cm. of the liquid can be made from 5 family size bottles of soda each containing 1.5 liters?


A. 50          B. 60                C. 40               D. 45


81.  Anong bahagi ng pananalita ang nasa malaking titik? Malungkot ANG MGA nagtatapos na wala pang trabaho.


A.   Pangatnig          B. Pang-ukol              C. Parirala      D. Pananda


82.  Kung ang awit ng pag-iibigan ay kundiman, ano naman sa bisaya?


A.    Sambotani         B. Kumintang             C. Talindaw    D. Diona



83.   Ponema ang tawag sa makabuluhang tunog ng wika. Ilan ang ponema ng Filipino?


A. 31                      B. 21              C. 34              D. 28


84.  kalian ginagamit ang IKA na may gitling?


A.    Kung ang bilang ay isinusulat na buo.

B.   Kung mismong bilang ang susunod na isusulat.

C.   Kung ginagamit na panlapi sa isang salita.

D.   Kung ang ikakabit ay isang panlapi.


85.   Sa tanong na “Hanapin ang pandiwa at sabihin kung ito ay palipat o katawanin”. Ano ang ginagamit pagdulog?


A.   Nosyunal          B. Literal         C. Sitwasyonal           D. Gramatikal


86.   Sa pagsasanay tungkol sa pagkilala sa kasarian ng mga pangalang ipakikita, mabisang Gamitin ang          .


A.    Flow chart         B. Plaskard              C. Ginupit na larawan    D. Diorama


87.   Anong estratehiyanang gagamitin mo kung nais mong malinang ang mga talinong pangkatawan, kahusayan sa pagkontrol ng katawan, timing, trained resposes?


A.    Pagninilay, feeling-toned moments, goal setting.

B.    Pagsunod sa ritmo, pag-awit, pagra-rap at chants.

C.   Teatrong pangklasrum, charades, katawang mapa.

D.   Brainstormig, pagsulat ng journal, pagsasadula.


88.   Ano ang gamit ng mga ito: spot-semantik, klaster-konsepto, sapot-gagamba, dayagram, Hirarkiyal, at iba pa?


A.    Matukoy ang mga mahahalagang detalye.

B.    Makagawa ng balangkas.

C.   Mapag-ugnay o makategorya ang mga konsepto.

D.   Mapagsunod-sunod ang mga pangyayari.


89.   As a cashier in a 24-hour supermarket, Susan gets P60 per hour plus an additional P500 per week to work in the evening shift. How much would she paid for a 40-hour week in the evening shift?


A. Php 2700          B. Php 2400               C. Php 2900               D. Php 3200


90.   Teresa place some sliced green mangoes in a glass of drinking water. After a while she took out a few slices and found the slices very turgid. What can you infer from this observation?


A.  Water was absorbed by the mangoes.

B.  The mango slices did not change in shape.

C.  The slices became less sour.

D.  Water moved out of the tissues of mangoes.



91.   Which factor contributes to the “greenhouse effect”?


A.  Destruction of forests.

B.  Use of the solar glass panels to capture radiant energy.

C.  Use of carbon dioxide by land plants.

D.  Depletion of minerals in the soil by overfarming.


92.   Which of the most reliable way of determining whether or not the students have developed a positive attitude toward work?.


A.   Students debate on work values as teacher listens.

B.   A teacher observes students as they work.

C.   Students define work.

D.   Students sing a song on the dignity of work.


93.   Ang mga gulay ay may volatile at non-volatile acids na nawawala habang niluluto ang mga Ito at nagiging sanhi ng manila-nilaw na berdeng gulay. Paano ito maiiwasan?.


A.   Pakuluan ang gulay ng sampung Segundo lamang.

B.   Panatilihing nakatakip ang lutuan habang nagluluto.

C.   Huwang takpan ang lutuan habang nagluluto.

D.   Hayaang nakabukas ang lutuan sa unang 10 minuto saka ito takpan.


94.   If in routine practice of stunts one of the participants accidentally loses his balance and Sustains a fracture straight elbow, what precautionary measure should be observed to avoid Further injury?


A.  Immediately apply cold compress to avoid further swelling.

B.  Do not attempt to bend the elbow to apply a sing.

C.   Check the proper location of the splints.

D.   Check for vital signs of the victim.


95.  Which is the undying musical movie that’s depicts the story of a nun named maria which brought back music to the family Von Trapp somewhere in Austria during World War 1?


A.   Sister Act

B.   The West Side Story

C.   Titanic

D.    Sound of music



96.  The following are factors to consider in preparing a balance diet for the family EXCEPT one.


A.   Size of family members                            C. Family income

B.   Activities of the family members                D. Lifestyle of the family members


97.  In Psalm 23 otherwise known as “Psalm of David” what is the closest meaning to the line: “He maketh me to lie down n green pasture: he leadeth me beside the still tower.”


A. He will always obey his master for his glory.

B. He provided peace and prosperity.

C. He will be given riches and mercy.

D. He will be known throughout the land.

98.  With the Batasang Pambansa performing legislative and executive powers and the Marcos Regime, which form of government was implemented?


A. Dictatorial

B. Parliamentary

C. Monarchial

D. Presidential


99.  In connection with government transaction involving public interest, which policy is adopted by the Constitution to assure the public of accountability and transparency?


A. Private enterprise and incentives to needed investments.

B. Full public disposure

C. Rural development and agrarian reform

D. Balance and helpful ecology.


SITUATION: You can`t make children grow faster by pushing them, just as you can`t make Flowers bloom faster by pulling them.


100.  What the message does the statement have for teachers?


A. Provide children with developmentally appropriate practices.

B. Avoid comparing a child with the other children.

C. Games will help develop children naturally.

D. Just look at the flower when you are tempted to hurry up the development of a child.


101.  Which statement is in support of the statement given above?


A. It is the early childhood educator who has both the immense responsibility of creating the learning environment that will intrigue and stimulate the whole child.

B. We can`t make children`s dendrite grow faster or insist that important connection in the brain be made.

C. A teacher`s moment-by-moment actions and interaction with children are the most powerful determinant of learning outcomes and development.

D. Each child`s brain is unique and vastly different from one another.





SITUATION: The class was asked to design an experiment to test the effect of detergent

on fish. One group came up with this experiment design. For detergent they got Ariel, Surf and tide. For fish they had tilapia, goldfish, and janitor fish contained in different sizes and shapes of bottles. To the tilapia they put 1 tbsp of Ariel. To the goldfish, they put 1 tbsp of surf and to the janitor fish, 1 tbsp of tide


102.  How can the experimental design be improved?


I.    Make use of the same type and size of fish.

II.    Increase the number of fish and reduce the number of detergent brands involved.

III.  Focus on one independent variable at a time. e.g brand of detergent.


                        A.    I only                              C. I and II

                        B.    I and III                           D. II only






103.   What is defective with the experimental design?


A.   There is no testable hypothesis.

B.     There are a lot of biases involved.

C.     It is very complicated.

D.     There are so many independent variables the effect of which tasted.


104.   What is the dependent variable?


A.     The effect of detergent on fish.           C. The brand of detergent.

B.    The amount of water                            D. The amount of detergent


105.   What is the control group?


A.     The tilapia with 1 tbsp of Ariel.          C. The goldfish with 1 tbsp of surf.

B.     Cannot be determined.                         D. The janitor fish with 1 tbsp. of tide.


106.   What is the experiment group?


A.     The janitor fish with 1 tbsp of tide.        C. Cannot be determined.

B.      The tilapia with 1 tbsp of Ariel.             D. The goldfish with 1 tbsp of tide


107.   Since the family is the basic unit in democracy, home economics education needs to be Based               .


A.     Cooperation as individual and in group.

B.     Many cultures of families and democracies.

C.     Sharing and cooperation.

D.     Democratic principles.


108.   Engagement is a positive factor to a successful marriage. The following factors are Considered in deciding the length of the period of engagement EXCEPT which one.


A.    Length of the courtship period

B.   In-law relationship

C.   Extent of preparation

D.   Ability to adjust each other


109.   Which of the following factors at least indicate how the Filipino regards his family?


A.    Commitment and responsibility.

B.    Emotional and material support.

C.   Influence of the behavior of all members.

D.   Personal identity.





110.   The first step of the problem solving process in home management is to                   .


A.    Identity the possible consequences of potential action.

B.    Obtain data and information about the problem.

C.   Identity the problem.

D.   List alternative cause of action.


111.   Which one of the following is a household chore that has to be done every day?


A.    Cleaning the ceiling

B.    Laundering bed sheets

C.   Sweeping the floor

D.   Dusting the furniture


112.   The competence to convince, use personal influence and develop explicit strategies to influence people is associated with                   .


A.    Opportunity seeking and creativity.

B.    Information seeking and monitoring.

C.   Persuasion and networking.

D.   Self-confidence and skill decision making.


113.   Multiple regression equation analysis in a study revealed the relative contribution of story elements to reading achievements, and that the contribution of these story element is substantial. Which of the following conclusions about the correlation of story to reading achievement is suggested the findings?


A.    That correlation of 1.0 is needed for this study to be significant.

B.    That there is little variant between story element and reading achievements.

C.   That the story elements are important variables to consider in reading achievement.

D.   That other story elements be included in the analysis.


114.   In the teaching of democratic beliefs in the classroom, which the following is MOST consistent with current educational thought?


A.   Democracy as the smoothest form of government is emphasized.

B.    Democratic beliefs can be taught by assuring celebrations, to honor national heroes.

C.   The teacher should effectively lead the discussion on current affairs in the classroom.

D.   Democratic beliefs can be taught based on respect for individual worth & faith in themselves.




115.  The Filipino wants to be accepted by his fellowmen for what he is and to be treated according to his status. He can achieve this by   .


A.    Participating in group activities that interest him.

B.    Being obedient to all demands that his way.

C.   Offering his service in whatever form that suits him.

D.   Socializing with his fellowmen within the forms of society.


116.  In the value clarification approach which may a teacher NOT to?


A.    To listen to his/her student share what they value.

B.    To help students know what they really value.

C.   To share his/her own values.

D.   To pass judgment on student’s values.


117.   Which is unethical on the part of professional teacher?


A.    Engages himself/herself in a continuing self-improvement.

B.     Does not know the terms and conditions of his/her employment.

C.     Prepares fully for the teacher carrier.

D.     Lives up to his contract.


118.   Which practice should school NOT do to make grades comparable?


A.   Arrive at a consensus regarding factors to be included in a grade for a particular subject.

B.    Use a common conversation table for translating test score into ratings.

C.   Determined the weight that each grading factor should receive.

D.   Put an end to constructing departmentalized examination.


119.   A student is bored and restless. Teacher looks for an opportunity to incorporate athletics into the discussions because it is student`s interest. What is this disciplinary technique called?


A.    Interest boosting

B.   Humor

C.   Hurdle lesson

D.   Direct appeal


120.  Which does not belong to the group?


A.   Chalkboard

B.    Bulletin board

C.   Flannel board

D.   Magnetic board







121.   Alin ang tamang babala sa pagtatapon ng basura?


A.    Dito ang tambakan ng basura.

B.   Huwag matapon ng basura ditto.

C.   Huwag magipon ng basura ditto

D.   Gamitin ang basurahan sa inyong bahay, huwag ditto.


122.   Magbababala ang mga pulis sa mga tumatawid, alin ang tama?


A.    Hoy, Pula ang ilaw, tigil.

B.   Bantayan ang ilaw bago tumawid.

C.   Tawid na kayo at luntian ang ilaw. Huhulihin ang tatawid sa maling ilaw o signal.


123.   Alin sa mga sumusunod na salita ang bumubuo ng pangungusap?


A.    Dapat isang mapasa ang LET bago maging guro.

B.    Dapat ang guro LET ang ipasa.

C.   Pinasa dapat ng guro ang LET upang maging isang ganap na guro.

D.   LET lang gamitin sa pagiging guro.


124.   What was controversial anti-drug campaign on Manila which was stopped by a court decision.


A.    Posting of pictures of drug users.

B.    Parading of handcuffed drug addicts

C.   Arrest of drug pushers

D.   Painting of houses of drug pushers


125.   Siya ay hinirang na taga-sensus ng bahay-bahay. Ano ang kanyang nalikom?


A.    Ang data at bilang ng mga tao sa isang bayan.

B.    Ang bilang ng mga tao sa bahay

C.   Ang kayamanan ng mga may bahay.

D.   Ang data tungkol sa mga naninirahan sa ibat-ibang bahay.


126.   Ano ang isang bagay na di dapat kasangkutan ng isang kagawad ng gobyerno?


A.    Magtrabaho habang may sahod.

B.   Dapat mamahagi ng pera para sa isang kandidato.

C.   Dapat magsikap yumaman.

D.   Di dapat mamulitika.


127.   Anong hukuman ang siyang                   ng kasong kurapsyon?


A.   Sandigang Bayan naglilitis

B.    Korte Suprema maglilitis

C.   Ombudsman tagapaglitis

D.   Court of Appeals manglilitis


128.   “Ang laki sa layaw, karaniwang hubad” Ayon kay Balagtas kaya                   .


A.    Ang mga bata nakapagtapos ng pagaaral.

B.   Ang mga bata di sumusunod sa magulang.

C.   Ang mga bata ay lagging magalang.

D.    Ang babae ay nag-aartista.


129.   Ang hiling ng namatay na artista ay siya`y ilibing sa takip silim. Anong oras iyon?


A.    Madaling araw

B.    Ika-anim ng umaga

C.   Ika-walo ng gabi

D.   Sa pagitan ng alas-5 at alas6 ng hapon


130.  A farmer owed 302 hectare. He planted 1/3 of the area to coconut. The rest were converted to mango and other fruits. Give the number of hectares used for mango and other fruit trees.


A. 202.3 ha          C.   204 ha

B. 201.33 h          D.   202 ha


131.   There were 500 house sold by a subdivision owner. Each recipient occupied 80 square meters each. How big was the whole area?


A.   4 ha

B.    5 ha

C.   14 ha

D.   10 ha

132.   Give the value of N in 26 2/8 + 22 ½ = N A. 49 4/6

B. 48 2/3

C. 48 2/18

D. 48 1/3


133.   Give the final percentage rate of commission gained by ruby. She sold an appliance for P258,000. Her commission was P37,520 minus P5,300 for transportation.


A. 12.48%

B. 12.05%

C. 14.54%

D. 14.13%




134.   The youth is considered 55% of the voting population. Marikina has 1,360 million voters. How many voters are the youth?


A. 750,000

B. 788,000

C. 768,000

D. 748,000


135.   Cementing of roads are being done in some areas. One barangay has 2 lanes with 7 by 200 meters long. What is the total area to be cemented?


A. 2,800 sq. m.                              C. 9,000 sq. m.

B. 14,000 sq. m.                             D. 1,500 sq. m.


136.   Flood has devastated Mindanao and many provinces. The root cause is traced to           .


A.    Conversion of agricultural-land to subdivisions.

B.     Wanton destruction of gold mines.

C.     Using wood for fuel.

D.     Wanton cutting of forest trees.


137.  Rivers in Metro Manila are the identified causes of heavy flood. Authorities account this to         .


A.    Waste incineration                         C. Waste dumping in home yard

B.    Waste classification                       D. Waste dumping on river bank


138.   Dengue fever has caused death to many children and adults. All these are traced to       .


A.    Poor ventilation                              C. Poor maintenance of home compost pits

B.    Poor disposal of waste                  D. Poor hoarding of water in tanks


139.   Waste from the kitchen are considered useful properly separated. How are these



A.    Biodegradable                             C. Degradable

B.    Non-degradable                             D. Metallic recesses







140.   Children are discouraged to play in flood water since                   .


A.   Urine of rats are contagious

B.    Urine of people are around

C.   Feces & urine of animals abound

D.   Feces of cockroaches are floating


141.   Chicken pox usually occurs in August. At what stage is it very contagious?


A.   During the first week

B.    When wounds have swollen

C.   When all wound is peeling off

D.   When all wound have disappeared


142.   A family built his house in an inner piece of land. He was not allowed to go through a neighbor`s yard. He was accused of trespassing private property. The law allows such passage under the         .


A.    Right of eminent domain

B.    Right of homeowners

C.   Right of travel

D.   Right of way

143.   The government wants a piece of private land for a government project. The owner resisted the government`s demand. How may the government own the land?


A.   Right of eminent domain

B.    Right of government ownership

C.   Right of habeas corpus

D.   Right of a sovereign over the governed


144.   These are military confrontations in some parts of the Philippines. How does the government address the situation?


A.    Declare war zone

B.    Declare amnesty for all

C.   Declare cease fire

D.   Negotiate w/ representative of both panels


145.   The son of a principal wants to be the valedictorian of a class. What should the principal do to avoid criticism?


A.    Transfer the brighter student to a lower section.

B.    Confront the teachers on the son`s grades.

C.   Call the rivals and give an stern warning.

D.   Assist the son in his class preparation & participation in school activities.




146.             A maid is continuously molested by a son of a rich landlord. What must the landlord do to protect the maid?

A.         Warn the son of his act

A.    Lock the maid in her room

B.    Report the case to the policeman

C.   Terminate the service of the maid


147.   Cooperatives are helpful to farmers specially in irrigation of rice field. This is evident when!


A.    Members are accountable for their fellow member’s credit lines.

B.    Members pay their dues after three harvests.

C.   Non-members are deprived of water.

D.   Members take turn in getting water ration.


148.   New techniques in food production are learned through               .


A.   Barangay forum

B.    Radio comments

C.   Television modules

D.   Editorial and cartoons


149.   The housing program for all these years did not succeed because                 .


A.    Squatters sell their allotted houses to merchant.

B.   Squatters return to the squatter’s area.

C.   Squatters are spoiled by politician.

D.   Squatting is a form of livelihood.


150.   What has solved the castle and social strata system in the Philippine society?


A.   Schools in every barangay

B.    School for the handicapped

C.   Barangay empowerment

D.   Barangay high schools opened 




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