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1.            The idea of revisiting and elaborating to the level of full understanding is achieve through the

A.                    Enrichment curriculum                             

B.                     Concept Mapping

C.                     Spiral curriculum                                    

D.          Advanced Organizers


2.            When teachers conduct a series of evaluation to determine the extent of teaching, what must be implemented?

A.                    Hidden Curriculum                                   

B.                     C. Learned Curriculum

C.                     Taught Curriculum                                    

D.                    Assessed Curriculum


3.            Can Singer Actress Lea Salonga be given a special permit to teach Music in High School?

A.                    Yes, she is graduate of ALS

B.                     No, she cannot. I very first place, she is not an education graduate.

C.                     Yes, she has excelled and gained international recognition.

D.                     No, she has not passed the LET.


4.            Why is the teacher’s authority important in managing the classroom?

A.                    To motivate the students to internalize self-discipline

B.                     To sow fear of the teachers to make students focus on classroom learning

C.                     To make the students obey all the orders of the teachers

D.                    To coerce the students to behave properly


5.            The Professional role of Teachers is not “the sage on the stage” but “the guide from the side”. This implies that the           _          .

A.                    teachers must act more as facilitators of learning

B.                     teachers must cling to their power to improve roles

C.                     teachers assess on their roles as lecturer

D.                     teachers must project as “Almighty-omniscient” image


6.            Which is not an evidence of pedagogical of a teacher?

A.                    Communication of the course objectives to the students

B.                     Adhering to the Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers

C.                     Awareness of alternative instructional strategies

D.                     Selection of appropriate methods of instructions


7.   Setting of learning objectives adopts certain characteristics under the acronym of SMART. Identify the kind of objectives set by SMART teachers. The A in SMART is         .

A.                    Active                                                       

B.                     Attainable

C.                     Achievement                                             

D.                    Advisable


8.   SMART. Identify the kind of objective set by SMART teachers. The T in SMART is       .

A.                    True                                                           

B.                     Time-bound

C.                     Traditional                                                 

D.                    Tabulated by objectives


9.    Teacher Mac recognizes the fact that learners have strong sensual feelings, and so she explores the learner’s _        _.

A.                    Pleasure Values                                       

B.                     Spiritual Values

C.                     Values of the Holy                                    

D.                    Vital Values


10.       The highest level in the life of professional teacher as given in the PPST is _.

A.                    Model                                                        

B.                     Most Proficient

C.                     Distinguished                                           

D.                     Highly Proficient


11.  Which is / are true of a professional?

A.                    Completed college/university degree

B.                     Required of NC IV from TESDA

C.                     Demonstrate solely ethical competence

D.                     Abides by his personal Code of Ethics

12.       What principle was not being applied when teacher Rita made no introductory orientation of lessons in the curriculum agenda?

A.                    Giving a pre-test and post-test for lessons.

B.                     Preparing students to be quiet

C.                     Preparing instructional tools

D.                     Connecting present to previous lessons


13.       Which of the following topics are appropriate for inviting a barangay chairman to share ideas with students and teachers in a school?

A.                    Tips on health and nutritional care

B.                     Organizing a school sports tournament

C.                     Managing the basic needs of a community

D.                     Climate change and its responsibilities


14.       Robert took the LET last September 2019. Unfortunately, he failed in the examination? Is he qualified for the position of a para-teacher?

A.                    Yes, if his LET rating is 70-74               

B.                     B. No

C.                     Yes if, his LET rating is 71-74.                

D.                    Yes if his LET rating is 75 below.


15.       What does Article XIII of Code of ethics include as the basis for evaluating students other than quality of academic performance?

A.                    Extra-curricular activities                         

B.                     Merit

C.                     Attendance                                               

D.                    Conduct


16.       Teacher Sony makes effort for students to discover personal values applicable for life in her lessons. What domain of learning is served in this instance?

A.                    Skills learning                                           

B.                     Metacognitive learning

C.                     Cognitive learning                                     

D.                    Affective learning


17.             Teacher Liza is            _ as she avoids out-of-context facts recall, but introduces situations for learners to think-feel and do, such as making picture folders, team-building on projects, etc.

A.                    Progressivist                                             

B.                     Constructivist

C.                     Naturalist                                                  

D.                    Positivist


18.       In her Arithmetic class, teacher John makes her students use numbers for various real – life tasks like buying things in the store, comparing distances of planets, budgeting a party, etc. What is this teaching-learning practice?

A.                    Reconstructive                                          

B.                     Collaborative

C.                     Inter-disciplinary                                    

D.                     Constructive


19.       Mrs. Hernandez is evaluating a website for her Literature class. She is making sure that actual pieces of information found on the site are well documented and pictures and diagrams are properly labeled. She is also checking that there are no misspelled words or grammar errors. Which criterion is she focusing on?

A.                     Accuracy                                                  

B.                     Clarity

C.                     Appropriateness                                        

D.                    Motivation


20.       If you want to determine if the education student truly value teaching profession, which of the following queries should you ask?

A.                    Is the teaching profession a noble profession?

B.                     Are you happy on your choice?

C.                     Will you convince others to enroll in the teacher education course?

D.                    What good do you get if you become a teacher?


21.       Why is empirical science inductive?

A.                    It starts from observable evidences building p to a universal explanation or theory.

B.                     It is drawn from universal laws of the mind

C.                     It combines universal laws and principles

D.                     It starts from universal principles to concrete facts or knowledge

22.       From Bloom’s taxonomy of cognitive processing, at what level is Teacher Martin’s asking her students to formulate their personal philosophy of education?

A.                    Creating                                                   

B.                     Analyzing

C.                     Evaluating                                                 

D.                    Assessing


23.               For those who successfully pass the Licensure Examination for teachers the           signed by the chairman of the RC serve as evidence for lawful practice profession

A.                    Professional License                               

B.                     Merit examination certificate

C.                     Professional oath Copy                             

D.                    Professional registration fee receipt


24.       What type of education is giving emphasis on learning by doing, experiential learning, etc.?

A.                    Ancient education                                     

B.                     Traditional education

C.                     Alternative education                               

D.                    Progressive education


25.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           A Grade 7 Social Studies teacher gave a project where her class in Manila will work together with other Grade 7 classes in their school campuses in Visayas and Mindanao. They will create posters and a video clip to communicate a message about peace. They will use social media to spread their peace campaign. This project involves technology integration which is _  .

A.                    adaptation-collaborative                           

B.                     adoption-constructive

C.                     entry-active                                               

D.                    transformation-constructive


26.       Why is CPD necessary for professional teachers?

I.        To continuously improve their professional and personal competence

II.       To be at par with other professionals

III.       To abide by the CPD Act of 2016

A.                     I, II and III                                               

B.                     I and III

C.                     II and III                                                   

D.                     III only


27.       Miss Ramirez is evaluating an early literacy app for her class. She is making sure that the app is uncluttered in appearance, is arranged in some order of difficulty, and that icons represent what they were intended to represent. Which criterion is she focusing on?

A.                    Organization                                             C. Motivation

B.                     Accuracy                                                    D. Appropriateness


28.       On which theory is the logical sequencing of curriculum based?

A.                    Progressivism                                            

B.                     Essentialism

C.                     Perennialism                                              

D.                    Reconstructionism


29.       What are the two major influences on language curriculum planning and design?

A.                    technology and applied linguistics

B.                     language policy and government policy

C.                     language policy and applied linguistics

D.                     textbook and technology


30.       How students learn may be more important than what they learn. From this principle, which of the following is particularly important?

A.                    Knowing how to solve a problem

B.                     Determining the givens

C.                     Solving a problem within time allotted

D.                     Getting the right answer to a word problem


31.            One philosopher considers education as the acquisition of the art of the utilization of knowledge. This implies that          _.

A.                    a learner’s interest in art is comfortable

B.                     a learner’s acquisition of information is not important

C.                     a learner’s application of what she has learned is necessary

D.                     a learner’s acquisition of information is sufficient


32.               With Republic Act 7836, the licensure examination of teachers is with__    .

A.                    Department of Education, Culture and Arts

B.                     Professional Regulation Commission

C.                     Commission on Higher Education

D.                     Civil Service Examination


33.       Is it professional for a teacher to receive gifts from students and parents?

A.                    Not at all

B.                     No especially if done in exchange for requested concessions

C.                     Yes, if deserved

D.                     Yes, in-season and out-season gifts


34.       From broad vantage view of human development, who has the primary duty to educate the youths or children?

A.                    Teachers                                                    

B.                     The state

C.                     Parent                                                      

D.                     The schools


35.       Buber’s “social principle” refers to all of the following except:

A.                    treating, using the other as a means to an end

B.                     intersubjective, interpersonal, “we” relation

C.                     a life dialogue of the members of society

D.                     responding to other’s need as a means to an end


36.            To advance a common mission, every school should provide a vision supported by          .

A.                  cultural identity                                         

B.                   core values

C.                   achieved prestige                                       

D.                  institution’s history


37.       You are required to formulate your own philosophy of education in the course, the Teaching

Profession. Based on Bloom’s revised taxonomy, in which level of cognitive processing are you?

A.                    Applying                                                   

B.                     Analyzing

C.                     Creating                                                   

D.                     Evaluating


38.       For brainstorming to be effective, which should be out?

A.                    Openness to ideas                                     

B.                     Making use of other’s ideas shared

C.                     Teacher’s judgmental attitude              

D.                     Non-threatening atmosphere


39.            Among thinking skills, tolerance means ability _       _.

A.                    to maintain distinctions among structures

B.                     to integrate complex information

C.                     to place information into categories

D.                     to deal with the unclear information without frustration


40.       What is the core of the classroom setting in every school?

A.                    Instruction                                                 

B.                     Curriculum

C.                     Syllabus                                                     

D.                    Research


41.       Which is an example of social and cross-cultural skills?

A.                    Obtaining information using digital technologies

B.                     Using problem solving techniques in influencing and guiding others towards a goal

C.                     knowing when it is appropriate to listen and to speak when interacting with others

D.                     All of them


42.       Among the major schools of learning theories, which see learning in terms of changing what we do?

A.                    Behavioral theories                                 

B.                     Field and Gestalt theories

C.                     Cognitive theories                                     

D.                    Social theories


43.       The following are non-verbal praises that can accentuate the positive in class for effective classroom management except one:

A.                    shaking head                                            

B.                     thumbs-up signal

C.                     winking                                                     

D.                    raising of eyebrows


44.       In a curriculum development class, the teacher asked the students to give an enriched definition of the curriculum. Which among the following encompasses the true essence of the term?

A.                    Curriculum is the sum total of all learning experiences in the teaching-learning process.

B.                     Curriculum is a list of subjects to take to complete a course.

C.                     Curriculum is a list of courses in order to graduate.

D.                     Curriculum is a never ending process in education.


45.       What applies to meta-cognitive thinking skills in learning?

A.                    Problem-solving                                        

B.                     Emphasis on independent learning

C.                     Monitoring own comprehension            

D.                     Factual and concrete thinking


46.       Which of the following construct is not at the level of critical thinking?

A.                    grouping and classifying                           

B.                     associating and grasping principles

C.                     preferring and evaluating                          

D.                    guessing and believing

47.       What comprise computer competency?

A.                    Spending days and nights on computer games and downloading internet materials

B.                     Use of the computer for particular use, e.g. emailing

C.                     General knowledge and experience in using computers

D.                     Knowledge of the use and how to program computers, e.g. blogging

48.       Teacher Joanna used photographs to depict social problems such as war, pollution and poverty. What is the principal benefit for the use of this instructional aid?

A.                   Expand interest                                          

B.                    Emotional impact

C.                    Provide experience of the problem            

D.                   Encourage participation


49.            Among critical thinking skills is           .

A.                    opinionating                                             

B.                     believing

C.                     guessing                                                    

D.                    estimating

50.       Which of the following processes usually comes first in developing curriculum?

A.                    Identifying learning goals and objectives

B.                     Selection of educational content

C.                     Evaluating educational experiences

D.                     Organization of learning experiences

51.       In order to most effectively teach students the way to use election rights fully, what stimulation situation can teacher Fe adopt?

A.                    Make students devise political posters

B.                     Invite politicians to speak in school

C.                     Involve students to enact a campaign and election

D.                     Assign students to clip political news


52.       These foundations show the chronological development of curriculum mostly shown using a timeline

A.                    Historical Foundations                           

B.                     Legal foundations

C.                     Philosophical Foundations                       

D.                    Psychological Foundations


53.       In Bandura’s theory, the teacher which can be observed in school is a?

A.                    Substitute Model                                       

B.                     Virtual Model

C.                     Symbolic Model                                       

D.                    Live model


54.       This is a tool of assessment for spatially intelligence learners

A.                    Written reports                                          

B.                    Oral demonstration enacting movie scene

C.                    Written inner thoughts                              

D.                    Landscaping drawing


55.       What can schools implement in order to alleviate sole use of textbooks as instructional material causing to their poor preparation in subject matter?

A.                    Attitude learning on professionalism

B.                     Discussion dialogue on subject content

C.                     Training in preparing new materials

D.                     Lecture on change in school organization

56.       For her Arts class, teacher Alice joined students on a trip to Angono, Rizal to visit and interview artists famous for their landscape paintings. What transfer of learning prevailed in the instance?

A.                    Inquiry-related                                        

B.                     Concept-related

C.                     Learner-related                                          

D.                    Utilization-related


57.       What is a question to clarify and challenge an issue/problem during the process of critical thinking?

A.                    When did this happen?                              

B.                    Where did the problem arise?

C.                    What is the issue for discussion?              

D.                    What is the main point?


58.       Which among the following is not a thinking and problem-solving skill?

A.                    Intellectual curiosity                                 

B.                     creativity

C.                     critical thinking                                         

D.                    Productivity and accountability


59.       Which teaching practice gives primary consideration to individual differences?

A.                    Applying two sets of different standards

B.                     Preparing two different sets of examination, one for the fast learners and another for the slow learners

C.                     Allowing children to show that they learned the stages of mitosis in a way where they feel most comfortable.

D.                     Allowing children to show that they learned the stages of mitosis in a way where they feel most comfortable except by lecturing


60.       If teaching is considered as your mission, which apply/applies?

I.       You will be faithful to teaching no matter what

II.       You will teach for recognition of efforts

III.       You will be faithful to your mission and you want to succeed.

A.              I and II                                                      

B.              II and III

C.              I, II and III                                                

D.              I and II


61.       Curriculum may be defined in many ways. What does this prove?

A.                    The concept of curriculum may be defined from different perspectives.

B.                     The concept of curriculum is based on those given by experts.

C.                     The concept is limited and narrow in scope.

D.                    The curriculum is characterized as fragmentary, elusive and confusing.


62.       What is teaching-learning implication of student diversity?

A.                    Develop different standards for different student groups

B.                     Compare students.

C.                     Do homogeneous group for grouping activities.

D.                     Make use of a variety of teaching and assessment methods and activities.


63.       Henry Adams said, “A teacher affects eternity; no one knows where his influence stops”. What does this quotation imply?

A.                    Teaching is eternity; there is no end to it for as long as there are children.

B.                     A teacher is so powerful that he cannot help but influence learners.

C.                     A teacher lives long because he enjoys influencing his students.

D.                     A teacher has power to influence generations.


64.       Among important characteristics for successful teaching, which connotes fairness, Impartiality, open-mindedness, freedom from prejudice, and sense of evidence?

A.                    Buoyancy                                                  

B.                     Objectivity

C.                     Considerateness                                        

D.                    Emotional stability


65.       Which teacher’s personal trait is demonstrated if he is gender-sensitive and inclusive in his ways?

A.                    Motivation                                                

B.                     Sense of Humor

C.                     Passion                                                      

D.                    Fairness


66.               Learners are more likely to internalize and follow classroom rules when     _ .

A.                    The teacher gives additional points for those who follow the rules

B.                     The learners participate in the rule-making process

C.                     The teacher clearly explains the rules she prepared

D.                    The learners know the punishments for not following the rules


67.               In providing valid learning experiences, the primary factor to consider is     .

A.                    Objectives and aims of the lesson

B.                     The nature of the learners

C.                     Competence of the teachers                      

D.                    Material resources


68.       Based on the elements of a profession, can the taxi driver be considered a professional?

A.                    Yes, because there is such a term professional driver.

B.                     It depends on the technical and ethical competence of the taxi driver.

C.                     Yes, if the taxi driver is competent and honest

D.                     No, because driving is not a college / university degree


69.       How do you judge the teaching style of a teacher who provides feedback to students, analyzing their work and diagnosing errors?

A.                   Inspiratory                                                 

B.                    Explanatory

C.                    Programmatic                                            

D.                   Interactive


70.       Teacher Lil avoids drills out of context. She gives real-world Math problems for students to drill on, Teacher Lil is very much convinced of which principle of learning?

A.                    Effective learning begins with setting clear expectations and learning outcomes,

B.                     Learning is an active process.

C.                     Learning is the discovery of the personal meaning of ideas.

D.                     Learning is a cooperative and a collaborative process.


71.       In this FS Course, FS students are required to observe, analyze and reflect on actual class preceding’s with description of the pedagogical approach of K to 12 as cited in the K 12 Law is observed in the conduct of FS course.

A.                    Developmentally appropriate                    

B.                     Reflective

C.                     Inclusive                                                   

D.                     Inquiry-based


72.            The      model is a systematic approach to course planning that forms part of Outcomes

Based Education (OBE) which states that “educators should think about the desirable   of their programs and state them in clear and precise terms?

A.                    process, objectives                                    

B.                     objectives, outcome

C.                     subjective, results

D.                    revised, learning


73.             All are responsibilities of the Learning Resource/Audio-Visual/Educational Technology center of a school except  .

A.                    conduct training for the teachers on how to use technology tools

B.                     make available technology equipment for use of teachers and students

C.                     work with teachers in producing instructional materials

D.                     accomplish the students’ technology project for them


74.       Teacher Bing encourage her students to make the intended learning outcomes their own and explained that she expected them to monitor now and then their own progress toward the intended learning outcome and act accordingly. In which level of processing will Teacher Bin’s students act?

A.                    Self-system                                               

B.                     Metacognitive system

C.                     Cognitive                                                  

D.                    Between cognitive and metacognitive system


75.       The more senses that are involved, the more and the better the learning. Which practice is aligned with this principle?

A.                    Invite parents as resource speakers in class.

B.                     Bring students to field trips with consent of school and parents.

C.                     Employ cooperative learning.

D.                    Teaching using mostly verbal symbol.


76.       Which is the primary characteristic of a subject-centered design model of curriculum?

A.                    Interdisciplinary                                      

B.                     Correlated

C.                     Multidisciplinary                                       

D.                    Interrelated

77.       This is my questioning behavior: I ask the question; I pause for a while then call on a student. Which is this questioning practice?

A.                     Asking non-directed question                

B.                     Involving as many as possible

C.                     Asking for non-volunteers

D.                    Directing a question


78.       Emotion has the power to increase retention and learning. To apply this principle, teacher must


A.                    spice class with his/her sense of humor

B.                     make course difficult for students to remember and learn

C.                     touch students’ emotion when he/she teaches

D.                     be emotional when he/she teaches


79.       Teacher Ara relates lesson to experiences and social environment of her learners. What principle of learning is achieved by Teacher Ara?

A.                    Learning begins with clear expectations.

B.                     Learning is a discovery of personal meaning.

C.                     Learning is a cooperative process.

D.                     Learning is an active process


80.               All these questions should be answered by curriculum except         __.

A.                    What subject are important?

B.                    Who will benefit from a well-design learning experience?

C.                     What outcomes should be achieved?

D.                    what qualifications should teachers have?


81.       What philosophical belief describes the schools must encourage students to memorize basic facts about people and events that shaped history?

A.                    Idealist                                                      

B.                     Progressivism

C.                     Pragmatism                                               

D.                    Essentialism


82.       What philosophical belief describes the primary function of the school is to provide students options and choices to decide for themselves

A.                    Idealist                                                      

B.                     Progressivism

C.                     Existentialism                                          

D.                     Essentialism


83.       Miss Coronel is evaluating an app for her Grade 8 Science class. She is finding out whether the app taps the skills found in the Grade 8 standards to ensure that this app will be helpful in meeting her objectives. She wants to make sure it is not too easy to no too difficult for her students. Which criterion is she focusing on?

A.                     Appropriateness

B.                     Organization

C.                     Currency                                                   

D.                    Accuracy


84.             Miss Lim started off her lesson plan with the outcomes she expects her students to achieve at the end of the lesson, this curriculum approach is _         .

I.       Curriculum as a body of knowledge.

II.       Curriculum as a process

Iii. Curriculum as a product

A.              II only                                                       

B.              I only

C.              I, II, III

D.              III only


85.       What could be one of the challenges of multicultural education?

A.                    High social skill of learners

B.                     Teachers readiness for content integration that includes experiences and points of view of the minority students in the class

C.                     School policies that initiates collaboration and empowering multicultural school setting

D.                     High language proficiency of the Filipino learners


86.       A teacher is applying for transfers from her school in Sta.Cruz Bulacan to Bicol which is nearer her residence. To whom should she send her application letter?

A.                    To the Principal of Sta. Cruz Secondary High School

B.                     To the Regional Director

C.                     To the Principal of Bicolandia High School

D.                     To the Division Superintendent


87.       The Principal congratulates Ms. Corporal for giving purposive assignment and at the same time motivates them to comply. Which of the following is an example of motivational statement?

A.                    “Ok, Good!”

B.                     “You’re even better than your other classmates”

C.                     “You did not do well in your assignment”

D.                     “Your assignment is well done, what do you think is best in your work?”


88.       When do we need to evaluate the curriculum?

A.                    When somebody suggests it                      

B.                    Whenever necessary

C.                     Every academic year                                 

D.                    Every quarter


89.            All are important in evaluating the curriculum except            :

A.                    To constantly keep up with the changing times.

B.                     To answer to the changing needs of the learners.

C.                     To identify which parts and aspects of the implement curriculum needs to be improved, modified or changed.

D.                    To be able to boast of a new and improved curriculum every time.


90.       The class was taught how to conduct an action research and was required an end-of-the-term written research report. The class was taught how to do the research report and was shown an Analytic Scoring Rubric for them to know how they will have graded. The class took the Scoring Rubric as guide in the making of their research report. They were all motivated to pass an excellent research report and as a group checked now and then if they were true to the qualities of an excellent research report as seen in the scoring rubric. What form of assessment is described?

A.                    Assessment for learning                            

B.                     assessment as learning

C.                     assessment for and as learning                  

D.                    assessment of learning


91.       In the 4 A’s approach to facilitate learning, what is the first thing that a teacher should do?

A.                    Abstraction                                               

B.                     Analysis

C.                     Activity                                                     

D.                     Application


92.            In the 4 A’s approach to facilitating learning, Abstraction denotes    _          .

A.                    Specific Ideas                                           

B.                     Concrete Ideas

C.                     General Ideas                                          

D.                     Practical Ideas


93.       During problem solving method, the teacher primary role is

A.                    Director                                                     

B.                     Clarifier

C.                     Lecturer                                                     

D.                    Judge


94.       Jane, a freshman student, was asked by Professor Subida to describe educator accurately. Which of the following statements with Karla most likely to choose?

A.                     A process of individual growth and social development.

B.                     Acquired basically through the teacher.

C.                     Synonymous to formal schooling.

D.                     Growth resulting from academic study.


95.               The principle that learning is “an active process” means      _.

A.                    the learner’s own involvement is needed

B.                     the teacher’s involvement is always necessary

C.                     both teachers and students need to engage in activities

D.                     the classroom is the place for learning activities


102.   Which one helps produce an environment conducive for learning?

A.                     Long Assignments                                    

B.                     Cooperative Learning

C.                     Individual Competition                              

D.                     Excessive praise


103.   Thinking skills that are metacognitive rotate to             .

A.                     Analytical thinking of parts of information

B.                      Reflective thinking on the “how” of one’s learning

C.                      Profound thinking of “what” “who” and “where”

D.                      Direct thinking of the “what” about facts and figures


104.   The teacher as facilitator adds vigor, right and life in the classroom by his / her         .

A.                     Patience                                                     

B.                     Uniform

C.                      Presence                                                   

D.                      Composure


105.   Formal schooling corrects our ideas and experiences through what is accepted as true and acceptable and for Piaget this is the process of                                   .

A.                     schematization                                          

B.                     accommodation

C.                      equilibrium                                              

D.                      assimilation


106.   Teacher Cho wanted his students to rate their own work using the scoring rubric which he explained to the class before the students begin with their task. Based on revised Bloom’s Taxonomy, in which level of cognitive processing are the students?

A.                     Evaluating                                                

B.                     Applying

C.                     Synthesizing                                              

D.                     Analyzing


107.   According to Piaget’s basic cognitive concepts, what is the earliest meaning structures we form during the infancy and early years e.g. idea of a dog or cat?

A.                     Accommodation                                       

B.                     Schema

C.                     Assimilation                                              

D.                     Equilibrium


108.   People today think much about Climate Change and the need to protect life on the planet. More than in past centuries mankind today has high aptitude for     _ thinking.

A.                     conservation                                             

B.                     decentering

C.                     abstract

D.                      reversible


109.   The subject matter is the ASEAN Qualification Framework (AQRF). The Asian History teacher teams up with the Economics teacher, the Professional Education teacher for a thorough discussion of AQRF from the perspective of other disciplines. Which describes the Asian History teacher’s pedagogical approach?

A.                     Integrated                                                

B.                     Reflective

C.                     Constructivist                                            

D.                      Inquiry-based


110.   Along Erikson’s psychosocial theory, which states industry?

A.                     I get pleasure in my doing things           

B.                     I avoid the difficult to succeed

C.                     I am embarrassed at what I do

D.                      I don’t know what I want to in life


111.   For Erikson there is too much ego-identity when a person is so involved in a particular task, such that he has no room for tolerance of others. A balanced amount of ego-identity is best exemplified by _ who liberated Negros in North America.

A.                      Abraham Lincoln                                   

B.                      George Washington

C.                     J.F. Kennedy                                             

D.                     Martin Luther King


112.   Along Piaget’s principles, this is opportunity for young earners to experience the world in order to have a foundation for language and learning in their early schooling

A.                     take field trip

B.                     discuss what they see on television

C.                      use words to describe what is seen, touched, heard, etc.

D.                      rewards students who are models for the rest of the class


113.   Along Piaget’s principles,       is not appropriate for Social Studies learning at the level of cognitive ability of adolescent learners.

A.                     Essay writing on a social issue

B.                      Use of drawing and illustrations

C.                      discussion on varied issues that divided the country then.

D.                      consideration


114.   Along Erikson’s psychosocial theory which states intimacy?

A.                     I like to be alone and quiet by myself

B.                     I keep private thoughts to myself

C.                      I feel that no man is an island                

D.                      I want to be free and uncommitted

115.   Pavlov’s behaviorist classical conditioning applies to school learning by way of stimulus and response in the following situations, but not in              .

A.                     engaging students in discussion             

B.                     announcing dean’s listers

C.                     posting honor roll in bulletin boards         

D.                     giving rewards for school achievement


116.   Skinner’s            which states that change in overt behavior like events can result in learning and this can occur in school as well as

A.                     Shaping of behavior                                  

B.                     Operant Conditioning

C.                     Behavioral Chaining                                 

D.                     Reinforcement Schedules


117.   In Vygotsky’s socio-cultural theory of development, the following contribute to the learners’ social environment with      opening the door for learners to acquire knowledge.

A.                     lessons                                                       

B.                     activities

C.                     classroom                                                  

D.                     language


118.   Learning is an active process. Which one is an application of this principle?

A.                     let students learn the steps in opening a computer by making them follow the steps

B.                     group students for work or project that way project becomes less expensive.

C.                      teach your content from a multidisciplinary perspective

D.                      avoid drills which are out of context


119.   Which of the following best defines curriculum development?

A.                     All the opportunities planned by teachers for students.

B.                     The total mental experiences directly received at any given time.

C.                     The planning of learning opportunities to bring about desired changes in students and the assessment of the extent to which these changes have taken place.

D.                      A continuous cycle of activities in which all elements of the curriculum are considered.


120.   Standardized test that cover the subject or course in a school, district or region need to have      .

A.                     Content validity                                       

B.                     Curricular validity

C.                     Predictive validity                                     

D.                     Criterion validity


121.   The Principal Holy Trinity Private School wants to avail of the rights in the Magna Carta. Is his claim legal?

A.                     Yes, he is principal.                                   

B.                     Yes, if he is a licensed teacher

C.                      No, the school is a private school

D.                      No, principal is not considered teachers.


122.   The search for related literature by accessing several date bases by the use of a telephone line to connect a computer in a library with other computers that have data base is termed as


A.                     Manual search                                           

B.                     On-line search

C.                     Computer search                                       

D.                     Compact disc search


123.   Advance organizers use _       _ to make connections among various pieces of information for efficient recall

A.                     Visual imagery                                          

B.                      Elaboration

C.                     Organization                                             

D.                     Rehearsal


124.   A teaching cycle is not complete without _   of learning.

A.                     Reviewing                                                 

B.                     Recycling

C.                     Planning                                                    

D.                     Assessment


125.   Among thinking skills, Analysis means,

A.                     Comparing information choices                

B.                     selecting relevant and important information

C.                      Breakdown complex information          

D.                      Placing information


126.   Which cognitive ability is tested in the essay question? A listing of ways to tackle noise pollution.

A.                     Creating                                                   

B.                     Classifying

C.                     Inferring                                                    

D.                     Generalization

127.   To learn complex subject matter, it is most effective to Experience from information and      .

A.                     Classify facts                                            

B.                      Organize ideas

C.                      Construct meaning                                 

D.                      Divide elements


128.   Based on bloom's taxonomy, this activity is suitable to contribute to comprehension and learning but not to include            _.

A.                     Causal relationship                                 

B.                     Analogy

C.                     Outline

D.                      Text reading


129.   How does a novice learner acquire information?

A.                     Selected information                                 

B.                     Important information

C.                      All the information                                 

D.                      Meaningful information


130.   You are required to formulate your own philosophy of education in the course teaching profession, based on Bloom's revised taxonomy, in which level of cognitive structure or processing are you?

A.                     Applying                                                   

B.                     Creating

C.                     Analyzing                                                  

D.                     Evaluation


131.   Teachers, principals and professors are person in authority. What act confers this status?

A.                     RA 578                                                     

B.                     RA 586

C.                     RA 1265                                                    

D.                     RA 558


132.   What document contains provisions that stipulate the proper conduct of behavior of teacher in the discharge of their duties and responsibilities?

A.                     Code of Ethics for Teachers                   

B.                     The Bill of Rights

C.                     The Philippine Constitution                      

D.                     Magna Carta for Public School Teachers


133. What is the law enacted by Congress which provided free public secondary education?

A. RA 6735  

RA 6935

B. RA 6657                                                             

RA 6655


134.Which is the first step in planning an achievement test?

a.                      Build a table of specification                    

b.                      Define the instructional objectives

c.                       Decide on the length of the test                

d.                      Select the type of test items to use


135.    What kind of multiple question is: “For an agricultural country like the Philippines, which should the country advance for its economic development: (a) agriculture production (b) industrial development (c) tourism (d) finance and banking”?

a.                       application of a concept                            

b.                      Simple knowledge

c.                       Assessment of a problem                        

d.                       Application of a formula


136.    Which of the following Essay topic best measures problem-thinking skills and originality?

a.                       Images of the Philippine presidency

b.                      Dr. Jose Rizal: as a Patriot

c.                       Human rights issues in the post-EDSA Philippine democracy

d.                       Facets of Filipinism Today


137.    For integration of ASEAN member state, each have their own respective national qualifications framework what does the Philippines have?

a.                       National Qualifications Framework

b.                      The developmental National Competency-Based Teacher Standards

c.                       National Competency-Based Teacher Standards

d.                      Philippine Qualification Framework


138.    Which is the direct motivator among the following words/affirmation given by a teacher before an examination?

a.                      I will be happy if you try your best

b.                      It’s alright to guess

c.                       Don’t work too slow or you’ll be left behind

d.                       Pay close attention to time

139.    Evaluation of school or education programs is based on       _ rather than on mere quantifiable data.

a.                       Emotional feelings                                    

b.                      Human judgment

c.                       Measurable estimates                                

d.                      Sense perceptions


140.    Teacher’s observation to evaluate students’ work and outcome needs to be objective and this done with     .

a.                       Written notes or records                        

b.                      Memory or recall

c.                       Hunches and guesses                                

d.                      Common sense


141.    What is the existentialist point of view relative to aim of education?

a.                       To develop cognitive power

b.                      To re-engineer society

c.                       To know themselves and their lives place in society

d.                      To acquire productive skill


142.    What educational aims is postulated by social efficiency?

a.             Idealist

b.       Essentialist

c.       Pragmatist

d.       Realist


143.    What philosophical belief describes the experiences and needs of the students should be considered in preparing the curriculum?

a.                      Idealist                                                      

b.                      Progressivism

c.                       Pragmatism                                               

d.                      Essentialism


144.    A teacher who operated on the generated-creative level of curriculum development...

a.                       relies on textbooks, workbooks, and routine activities.

b.                      treats skills as ends rather than as means of generating further learning.

c.                       is aware of the need to integrate curriculum content with emergent condition.

d.                      thinks about what they are doing and tries to find more effective ways of working.


145.   The following are characteristics of progressive curriculum except  _          .

a.                      knowledge that comes from various disciplines should be the focus.

b.                      the classroom is only one place for the students to learn: learning can take place anywhere.

c.                       focuses on the experience of the students and supervised by the teacher.

d.                       considers all the curricular elements and test these elements through real life application.


146.    In order to have an effective teaching and learning, there must be an adequate utilization of learning materials. What type of curriculum is this?

a.                       Hidden curriculum                                    

b.                      Recommended Curriculum

c.                       Supported Curriculum                           

d.                       Assessed curriculum


147.    Of subcategories of teacher movement behavior what is happening when teacher goes from topic or activity to other topics or activities, lacking clear direction and sequence of activities?

a.                       Dangle                                                      

b.                       Truncation

c.                       Thrust                                                        

d.                      Flip-lop


148.    Of subcategories of teacher movement behavior what is happening when teacher ends an activity abruptly?

a.            Stimulus bounded                                          

b.             Truncation

c.                       Thrust                                                        

d.                      Flip-lop


149.   Teacher Danny targets to reach a mean Percentage Score of 90% in the coming NAT. This scenario signifies teaching as an _      .

a.                       Vocation                                                   

b.                      Calling

c.                       Mission                                                     

d.                       Profession


150.   Submitting school forms and daily lesson plans are examples of teaching as         _.

a.                       Mission                                                       

b.                      Vocation

c.                  Calling                                                      

d.                  Profession



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